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Shakira, Cardi B – Puntería (Official Video) Behind the Scenes

From February 20th through the 22nd, thanks to Jerry Blohm and Movie Prop Rentals in Miami, I was able to work on another major production as a crew member in the Art Department for Shakira featuring Cardi B on the music video “Puntería”.

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The 1st AD informed everyone to not be on social media or to post images of production while the shoot was ongoing, I of course understand this is so in order not to spoil the final product before the official release. So I have held on to these behind the scenes images until now. I believe the video officially dropped on YouTube March 22nd 2024.

Here is a short clip of some of the SFX in action

The following photo-dump as you see it begins with the last day of clean–up after the production was wrapped, all the way to the moment I arrived and got my hands on a call-sheet. They are simply in the order I was able to snap them in between off-location runs, painting, set-dressing and other art-department duties I was set upon. There is even an image of some delicious meal craft services provided.

You’ll be able to see how a little movie magic transforms the props, set design and construction into the final product you see in the music video.

If you have not already seen the video you can check it out below in this blog as an embed from YouTube.

Shakira, Cardi B – Puntería (Official Video)