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Hakeem Ali-Bocas Alexander as Officer G. Robinson in “Trauma Bonds” – Behind the Scenes

The following 17-second video clip is an example of taking action to create something when the opportunity presents itself. My character “Officer G. Robinson” of the LAPD will most likely not be named in the film, nor will anyone be able to see the name-tag.

Is this something that Officer G. Robinson gets up to when not photographing crime scenes?

IMDB Hakeem

What I did was take the opportunity to film a short scene because the producer rented a police uniform for my character. In the film I am simply taking crime scene photos in the background while my partner, the “Detective” is interviewing the victim. The short scene I filmed is in no way related to the film, and has absolutely nothing to do with Trauma Bonds. Again, I just took advantage of an opportunity to use the rented wardrobe to improvise a scene I can add to my marketing efforts as an entertainer – an acting reel.

Portfolio Hakeem

April 2nd 2024 Trauma Bonds BackGround Actor Photo Dump – The images are simply in the order I was able to capture them during this very pleasant, simple, easy and fun day of filming. The mountain view from this stunning home in California was quite impressive. Something I miss from being a resident of Hollywood Hills, and Encino, California from 2002 to 2016.