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Detailed Descriptors of Haiku Science Academy 9-Step Frame for Developing English as an Additional Language

(Exercising Your Mind) 3 Stages x 3 Levels = 9 Step Frame.

Haiku Science Academy 9-Stage Frame (HSA 9-SF) for

Developing English as an Additional Language (DEAL)

HSA 9-SF DEAL pdf download

Summary Titles and Detailed Descriptors.

A– Pre-Elementary | A1– Elementary | A2– Upper Elementary

B– Pre-intermediate | B1– Intermediate | B2– Upper Intermediate

C– Pre-advanced | C1– Advanced | C2– Upper Advanced (Fluent)

  1. A- Pre-ElementaryHas the ability to use only a few isolated English words. Practically no written or spoken English is understood.
  2. A1- ElementaryCan communicate immediate needs in familiar situations using short sentences or isolated words. Understanding written and spoken English is very limited.
  3. A2- Upper ElementaryCommunication is limited to specific interactions in very familiar situations. Communication breakdowns occur frequently.
  4. B- Pre-intermediateCapable of communicating in familiar situations with some breakdowns of interaction. Incapable of using complex language.
  5. B1- IntermediateCan handle basic communication in most situations with limited language capability. Few communication breakdowns occur, while prone to make mistakes with grammar and syntax.
  6. B2- Upper IntermediateCapable of effective communication in a broad range of situations, with improved ability to use complex language in familiar situations. Some inaccurate use of language, and misunderstanding are expected.
  7. C- Pre-advanced: Capable of a broad application of effective communication using detailed, complex language, and adequate reasoning except for some unfamiliar situations. 
  8. C1- AdvancedHighly capable of effective, interactive communication using precise, complex language, and fine reasoning with the exception of a few unusual circumstances.
  9. C2- Upper Advanced (Fluent)Supremely capable of competent discourse, and interactive communication using exceptionally complex language and critical thinking with a high degree of accuracy, corresponding with that of a high-level, professional communicator.

The following sources are the elements used to synthesize this framework:

  • New Concept English by L.G. Alexander
  • Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR)
  • International English Language Testing System (IELTS)
  • Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (CELTA)
  • 9 Dimensions of KappaGuerra – H.A.B. Alexander