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The Ideal In-Home Martial Arts Studio to Continue Your In-Studio Practice

By Brad Krause

Going to the gym or martial arts studio is a healthy habit for many people, and having a martial arts studio at home is a great way to boost your skills. Trainer Hakeem Ali-Bocas Alexander wants you to know that with the right gear, knowledge, and motivation, you can set up the ideal in-home studio for practicing martial arts.

Choose Your Gear Wisely

Do you really need all the equipment your favorite studio has? Think about what you need — and what you don’t — for the perfect home martial arts studio.

  • Make sure you have this essential martial arts gear: a uniform, belt, gloves, and protective gear.
  • Not only will you need the right clothing, but you will also need fitness equipment to train with. While martial arts itself is physically exerting, exercising with equipment will help you perform better.
  • Find the best mats for your home gym. Mats will cushion your falls and make training easier.
  • Kickboxing is becoming more popular as a martial arts practice. You’ll want to get the proper equipment for beginners and move up your purchases later as you become more experienced.

Make It Family-Friendly

When you have kids, it’s worth considering a child-friendly space in your home gym (or elsewhere in the house).

  • Mix things up by transforming your child’s bedroom into an indoor climbing gym. Climbing will help your child’s motor skills and flexibility. You can also consider having a climbing wall in your home gym.
  • Consider making your own DIY jungle gym for your children to play on.
  • Get your kids involved by learning family-friendly workouts.
  • Remember to keep your home gym clean.

Work with the Space You Have

Whether it’s an unfinished basement or a spare bedroom, you can still set up a functional martial arts studio that fits your needs.

  • Consider taking both in-person martial arts classes and training at home to boost your experience.
  • Make the most of the space under your house by remodeling your basement and turning it into your very own home gym.
  • You can also convert that spare room you never use into a martial arts studio.
  • Adding a space for martial arts in your home not only allows you to practice something you love, but it also offers the added benefit of magnifying your home’s appraisal value.

Refit an Unused Space in Your Home.

  • Whether it’s a garage, basement, or spare room, there are steps you can take to turn that space into an in-home martial arts gym. You’ll want smooth level flooring under the mats, perhaps padding on the walls and secure areas from which to hang bags.

Getting your home martial arts studio set up can prove beneficial for the whole family. Everyone can get their workout in without ever leaving the house. From a shutdown to those days when leaving the house just isn’t possible, your martial arts area will be ready and waiting.

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