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Quick Tips to Grow Your Business With Minimal Effort

(Kommunikations) By Emma Grace Brown

It takes effort to establish and create a successful business. But that doesn’t mean you have to do all of the work yourself! In today’s ever-connected digital age, there are plenty of ways to reach out and find someone to lend a hand – including services, software, and other technologies that can relieve some of your burdens. Ready to learn more? This guide presented by Hakeem Alexander Kommunikations can help you get started.

Outsourced Success

While it’s tempting to hire full-time staff, you don’t necessarily have to pay someone a 40-hour per week salary to have access to their expertise. If you need graphic design or help with your website, for example, a talented freelancer can jump right in and design (or redesign) your brand in a way that showcases what you’re all about.

Another option here is to outsource your sales staff. By hiring a professional salesperson, you can often pay a commission, which is a percentage of the sales price. When your salespeople are not employees, they only get paid when they make a sale. This is a win/win for you since more sales equal a stronger brand, and you know that you are not paying for idle time.

Online Services

When you have time to put in some work, and you want to streamline or automate processes, you can also choose online services. Three examples that come to mind here are legal business formation, workflow organization, and lead generation.

When it’s time to establish a business structure, you don’t have to hire an attorney, and, by using an online formation service, you’ll already have a direct path to state-specific regulations. By establishing your LLC, you give yourself the freedom to change business structures later with very little issue, and you’ll likely save some at tax time.

If you struggle with organization, use cloud-based programs, such as Redbooth. These online workflow/project management software help you keep up with your timeline so that you can manage multiple projects at once from a centralized location. Further, an online workflow system makes it much easier to collaborate with your employees in real-time, no matter where they are.

Last but not least, sales are vital to any business – but it’s hard to find customers without leads, and that’s where a lead generation company comes in. Essentially, they gather consumer data that they then pass on to you, which takes the guesswork out of locating your target audience. If your sales are lagging, then consider a lead generation company to help get you back on track.

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Why Letting Go Is Good for Business

Your business is your livelihood. It makes sense that you want to have a hand in all aspects of its operation. But, if you really want to grow, you have to let go. Learning how to delegate can promote efficiency. Furthermore, delegation takes things off of your proverbial plate. This reduces your workload, which is crucial if you want to avoid professional burnout.

Perhaps most importantly, putting people and programs into place now gives you a better chance at seizing growth opportunities as they arise. Digital marketing strategist Sujan Patel laments that a DIY strategy can inhibit growth. The only way to break free from this barrier is to put trust in others. While it might be tough at first, you will find that, over time, other individuals can provide a unique insight that will benefit your business. Plus, if you later choose to bring in full or part-time help, you’ll already be accustomed to stepping aside.

Ultimately, there is no way around putting effort into your business. But, if you channel your energy into putting people and processes into place that can function without your direct input all the time, you’ll be in a much better position to scale when the time comes. From hiring freelancers to using online services to streamline, the above tips are just a few ways to put your business on a straightforward trajectory.

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