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Uniting Social Audio & Social PodCasting

[H[A]K] Uniting Social Audio And Social PodCasting For Greater Contribution Awareness

As of 11/9/2022 the Oct 30, 2022 episode has54 plays • 1 hr 39 min

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Alright here we are on callin and what I’m going to do right now is I’m going to start inviting folks so let’s go here invite all we’ll see oh there’s adam

Carrie lots of people lots of people man I make myself sad sometimes I’m going to invite everybody to the party it’s gonna be fun I’m here at powerhouse boxing and kickboxing

In virginia beach virginia where I’ve set up my dojo and where I’ve set up my dojo so now there’s another way to invite here I can invite by the link to the show

Right yeah it says more share room so I’m going to share the room copy link and now let’s see where can I go and share this link out so I’m going to do is see

Oh I have people’s text messages so that’s when the first thing I’m going to do I’m going to send that directly to you my texty friends I’m going to send it directly to my text to friends

Let’s see who’s on sudoku mussor to follow me britney dk she did that stuff the content over on callin I see clubhouse what is that okay so haiku signed up blunt reflections

Queen divine all right oh nice okay so I got a new follower on instagram that’s always nice now to share the rest of this room out so I got the link already

So what I’m doing right now is I’m going to text messages and I am sharing the room there with rodney and then who else is in my text who else is in the text

I’ve sent it to jazz jasmine and let’s see who else I sent it out to who I got the text who I got the text ray davis oh yeah if you want to join

And what I’m going to do here’s a slick way for me to get see now I’m going to mass text everybody but I’m going to text in a way that gives you the information

Say if you want to join and I’m going to put in quotes uniting social audio and social podcasting and I’m going to take off the for greater contribution awareness

So there’s a shorter message so I’m doing that the first person is getting that is ray davis so if you want to join uniting social audio and social podcasting

Click download follow join and then put the link and I can go here my clipboard and there is the link there we go and so I’m going to copy this whole thing

A little message I did to make it easier to send it to a few more people I’m going to see in the room oh there we go we got carletta and rodney already here

So I’m going to invite up to speak carletta and then I’m going to invite rodney up to speak and so they’re going to come up into the queue here and as soon as they click that

Then I’m going to use the moderator feature all right so all you guys got to do is come up into the speaker’s queue you don’t have to speak I would just like to see that

In the queue there so as I continue I’m going to go back and I sent that and who else is here mr. two extra I’ve got in my text so I’m going to send him and if he

Can he’s going to be able to sicily murgous so this makes the message a little bit more clear it says if you want to join uniting social audio and social podcasting

Click download follow join and I put the link so that should work just fine hopefully people don’t think it’s too impersonal there’s anthony thomas

Oh wait anthony what the heck why did I see this message what was I doing what was it oh 12:00 a.m on thursday october 27 yes I was busy and I was emotionally distraught and because there was some

Wicked things going on the sea oh come on rodney and carletta mr. two extra get up in the room get up in the speakers I sent you the invite come up

Oh let’s see what rodney’s doing here oh