Hakeem Alexander, HypnoAthletics, riding a bike

Navigating Bicycle Traffic, Blogs And Marketing [2013.11.04]

(Hakeem Alexander) You probably want to do the best you can in life. So do I.

This video was from when I was attempting to earn big with a Network Marketing company called Empower Network.

Get In. Get Wine. Get Social.

I learned so much from the business but had to move on for personal reasons. I have kept on going and continue to publish on HypnoAthletics as I have for the past 11 years.

Laugh, cry, and remember your reason why.

Make Living Beautiful With Celestial Decor

I am so grateful for the technology that we have available to be able to look back at myself while I worked my way through the many challenges I have been experiencing, using the power of faith.

I keep moving forward no matter what.