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Physics, Mandarin, and the end of Network Marketing

(Hakeem Alexander) There was a time when I swore to never work for anyone other than myself again, and that remains.

The reason I made such a proclamation was because of my excitement about a network marketing company called Empower Network.

Because of my own capacity in that industry, I did not achieve the financial success I desired.

Though I did learn a whole lot of valuable skills, and met some very fascinating people, I realized that it was not for me, especially when the company’s leadership went “rogue”.

It was the 1st time in 10 years that I was involved with a network marketing company. The 1st and only time before that was with the then named Pre-Paid Legal, now known as Legal Sheild.

I had some success with that company, and often use their services as a customer from time to time. It doesn’t do me any good now because I live in China right now.

I parted ways with Empower in 2015, and in April 2017, while visiting Florida, joined with an exciting company called Direct Cellars, which is a wine club, network marketing hybrid.

While I am technically still an affiliate of that company, I am taking the time to declare that I concede to use my resources for business endeavors that DO NOT involve network marketing.

I am in the process of seperating my Red Heart Wine Club sites from the Direct Cellars system.

I may be able to succeed in that type of business model, but I do not like it. And furthermore, according to my financial requirements – I am a failure in network marketing.

There have been several changes to my life that have made it apparent for me to update my journal.

I now live in China, which is one of the best decisions I have ever made. I am creating and international, online, and business to business (B2B) consulting firm for the purpose of teaching Standard American English around the world.

This endeavor is called Haiku Science Academy: Prosaic and Poetic Linguistic Communications Studies. 

I have already begun laying the groundwork on my podcasting site and also on my HypnoAthletics University site .

I am also enthusiastically engaged in one of my other linguistic passions, which is learning to speak Mandarin Chinese.

At the same time, Direct Cellars has renewed my motivation to own and operate a bar, night-club, and vineyard, so I will continue to build upon the ideas they have inspired by taking my founding of Red Heart Wine Club to the global marketplace.

Finally, I am in love with all things math and science, even though I am very slow in becoming proficient in the technical skills involved.

My main course of research is in electricity and electronics, and how I can apply this understanding to advancing technology in several different areas that promote health, exploration, discovery, and education.

For now I will conclude with a summary:

  1. I am no longer willing to represent any network marketing companies as an affiliate, or other type of opportunist associate.
  2. I am quite elated with my success as an international business builder, and will focus all my efforts in this regard as a professional.
  3. I am learning to speak Mandarin and doing quite well at it.
  4. I am studying physics and cosmology with great enthusiasm.

I will be posting updates as often as I can to my various online properties with these stated goals. Exciting times are continuing. Stay tuned.