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Continuing Education for Teachers of English as a Second or Additional Language

(Haiku Science Academy) The most respected professions in the world require their practitioners to participate in continuing education on a periodic basis. One reason is because many of these skill-sets are undergoing innovations, improvements, or other changes on a continual basis.

Among these professions are Physicians, or Medical Doctors (MDs) who require Continuing Medical Education (CME); Clinical Hypnotists who obtain Continuing Education Units (CEUs); Psychologists who earn Continuing Education Credits (CECs); and Chemists who participate in Continuing Education (CE).

Not in the least, Educators all over the world are also required to participate in Continuing Education Units in order to maintain the validity of their teaching credentials.

Here, I not only suggest, but insist that teachers of TEFL, TESOL, ESL, and the like, should no less be obligated to earn continuing education credits to uphold their credibility as viable English Language Educators.

The following four titles are offered through Haiku Science Academy as Continuing Education Resources for Teachers of English as a Second or Additional Language.

Resources for Second and Additional Language Teachers (SALT)

Understanding the Four Basic Language Skills for Second and Additional Language Teaching

Teacher Hygiene for Student Health and Safety

Four Negative, WorkPlace Gossip Topics to Avoid

Teach English Effectively: What It Takes

The information is offered as free resources that can be used for one’s own enrichment.

To be awarded a Certification of Completion by Haiku Science Academy, each candidate must submit a written summary in their own words to demonstrate their understanding of the material, a video presentation of no less than 3-minutes expounding the same comprehension, and pay the examination fee.

The video component is included as a requirement so that the candidate has the opportunity to exhibit their ability as a lecturer, and speaker.

Someone cannot reasonably doubt that you are a great teacher of some thing, when you can provide them with evidence that shows you in action, successfully doing the thing that they are considering to hire you to do.

Obtaining Teaching Credentials Through Documentaries; Hakeem Ali-Bocas Alexander 2018, April 27th

Video presentations are a necessary part of the Haiku Science Academy, Developing English as an Additional Language Certification Course (HSA DLC). At this time, each course has a value of 1-hour, or 5 Continuing Education Credits (CECs).

How to Submit CourseWork and Pay the Examination Fee

Videos can be uploaded to YouTube, Vimeo, or any other video hosting platform that you have access to and feel comfortable posting on. YouTube has a feature that allows you to post videos and make them accessible only to those who you provide a direct link to.

Links to videos, blogs, Word, and / or PDF files are to be emailed to Hakeem@HypnoAthletics.com with the heading “HSA DLC Submission“. Payments are accepted by Haiku Science Academy through PayPal using the email HakeemAlexander@Consultant.com.

Haiku Science Academy Examination Fee, $50 USD Per Course: Buy Now (mobile)

Haiku Science Academy Examination Fee, $50 USD Per Course: Buy Now (desktop)