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The Dynamic Audio Lingual Method

(Haiku Science Academy)

Real Examples From Thousands Of Hours Of Second & Additional Language Teaching (SALT)

Follow simple, easy to understand directives to create dynamic learning experiences for your English as a second language students.

In just a few short pages, the dynamic audio lingual method will teach you

  • How simple The Audio Lingual Method (ALM) really is
  • How to structure a demo or class from beginning to end
  • How to assemble and use your own Teaching Tool Kit
  • Exactly WHAT to do and WHY you should be DYNAMIC

This extremely simple method is presented as is so that anyone can apply it immediately.

By the end of The Dynamic Audio Lingual Method, you’ll be equipped with activities you can put to work in class right away, new ways to use the tools you already have, tactics for making classes more fun and effective, lots of ideas to jog your creative imagination, and functional solutions for keeping boredom out of your Audio-Lingual practice.

I am not guessing, and this is no theory of mine, or something I just read about. What you will learn from me is exactly what I have done in thousands of classes that gets satisfactory results very quickly.

Contact me with any questions or constructive input at and remember to download the FREE E-Book here