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Omicron’s Mass Formation Hypnosis & the Joe Rogan Controversy

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Joe Rogan is currently under fire for talking about how he recovered from COVID by using ivermectin and other alternative treatments. Many people support his ideas including the President of the UFC Dana White. White also claims that he recovered from COVID using a similar protocol as Rogan.

At the time of this podcast, there are many health-care professionals calling for the censorship of Joe Rogan on his main platform Spotify. They are doing this via signing a petition.

In this podcast, I ask questions and talk about my own perspective regarding this controversy. The only reason I am providing commentary on this is because it is blowing up the internet right now, and I am a fan of The Joe Rogan Experience; so it keeps showing up in my online feeds.

In this podcast, I talk to a very tall person who I’ve known for a very long time. He also happens to be highly intelligent and very private. So his identity is not disclosed. I hope to have him listen to me rant on many more podcasts to come in the future.

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