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And You Call Yourself A Christian : Private, Feature-Film Screening Insider

(Flor and Hakeem) Eavesdrop on the introduction to, and the conclusion of the exclusive, advanced screening of the upcoming feature film “And You Call Yourself a Christian“. The official release date is scheduled for February 15th 2022. It will be released on all major streaming platforms such as Amazon Prime. Official Website for And You Call Yourself A Christian –

In the following podcast you will hear the festive environment created by the buzz in anticipation of the film’s screening, as well as some brief commentary. There are NO SPOILERS. Stream the movie for yourself the day after Valentine’s Day.

Listen to “And You Call Yourself A Christian : Private, Feature-Film Screening Insider” on Spreaker.

In this blog you will also find links to purchase the best-selling book that the film is based on, the IMDB page link, the official trailer on YouTube, an official movie poster, and a few photos from inside The Number 1 Space where the private screening was held.

And You Call Yourself a Christian (Still Divas Series Book 1)

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