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The Rock Dwayne Johnson, Joe Rogan, MisInformation, BrainWashing

In this presentation you will learn about 3 Hypnotic Modalities, 2 Laws of Hypnosis, and 1 way they are being used to brainwash you about the current, global, viral pandemic.

Presented very clearly with my signature “Dry and Questionable, Sense of Humor”. Your mind and life may be changed forever after learning how these clinical tools are being used to take control of all that you are.

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REFERENCE: Blog Article
Three Hypnotic Modalities for Belief System Enhancement (September 2008)

The “noise” you hear in the background is a binaural beat production called

“Vesper Dust: Meditation, Concentration, Focus And Clarity Ambient Sound For Study, Creativity And Work”

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