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The JOYful Aundrea Nyle & Iron Sharpens Iron on WISDOM Top Mentor Interviews

(|H|A|K|) On this installment, our listeners get to experience the JOYful Aundrea Nyle. This fabulous leader is the CEO of ISI Coaching; which is an abbreviation for Iron Sharpens Iron Coaching.

This name is more than powerful, and empowering when you listen to and come to know the fantastic journey of overcoming challenges, traumas, and grief to embark on a journey of self-love, and “Changing the World with LOVE – 1 Person at a Time!

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Aundrea Nyle is a vibrant Singer/Songwriter Motivational Vocal Coach and Talk Show Host in her up and coming Facebook Live talk show #SassySunday. Aundrea has wowed audiences globally on stage for the past 15 years and is recognised as an artist that uses her gift of song to lift spirits and touches lives while bringing her heart, soul and truth to those that are willing to listen.