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Digital Revenue Revolution: Strategies for Beginner Freelance Marketers (pdf & flipbook)

Unlock your Digital Revenue Revolutionary Super-Power with this kinda boring, but really helpful eBook

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Struggling to get started in the digital revolution and succeed as a freelance marketer? Been creating content for years and following gurus and still feeling like a broke failure? Me too – but not anymore.

Fortunately, I learned that I need to stay consistent, and find the right information through “courses, coaches, and community” as Keala Kanae says. I thought I could do it all alone for too many years, but finally decided to invest in the education I needed to take the right actions.

This handy little eBook, “Digital Revenue Revolution: Strategies for Beginner Freelance Marketers“, is a compilation of all the things I’ve learned, am continuing to learn, and having an even more difficult time implementing consistently.

Thankfully, because I have continued to persevere, I am finding more success as I continue to grind, and discover that this information, along with the right courses, coaching, and community are paying off big time.
Hakeem Ali-Bocas Alexander 2023