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The Set Dresser’s Handbook: Tips and Tricks for Set Dressers of All Genres

Download the eBook as a pdf below [UPDATE] 2024-04-11 Free download no longer available. Now on Amazon Kindle and paperback.

For set designers, art directors, prop masters, and set dressers, understanding the importance of set dressing is crucial to creating a believable and immersive world for the audience. Whether it’s a vintage-themed film set, a historical theater production, or a corporate event, the right set dressing can enhance the story, evoke emotions, and send viewers to a different time or place.

Set dressing is not merely about filling a space with props and decorations; it is about creating a believable world that enhances the story being told. Attention to detail is the secret ingredient that can elevate your set from good to exceptional. It is the small, nuanced touches that breathe life into a set and captivate audiences.

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Movie Prop Rentals

My experience as a set dresser started in 1999 working with Miami Art Department in 1999. Miami Art Department, now known as Miami Prop Rentals and Movie Prop Rentals (MPR) is owned by Jerry Blohm and Graylin Franklin and is still operating in South Florida out of Miami to this day. I was introduced to MPR after working as an intern (free labor) for a French production company that was shooting a commercial in Miami. I met the French film and TV crew not long after working a few gigs as a background actor aka an “extra” where I met and began dating a film student from the University of Miami on the set of the movie “Any Given Sunday”.