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China – United States of America: International Business Exchange Summary for Haiku Science Academy

(Haiku Science Academy) This communication is to create a publicly accessible Business to Business (B2B) document for prospective business exchange partners and myself – Hakeem Ali-Bocas Alexander – internationally doing business as I(DBA) Haiku Science Academy (HSA) to outline my proposed and intended business exchange activities with Linguistic Training Centers (LTC)s in China.

The main benefit to HSA is that I will be witness to privileged information as to how LTCs are organized and operated in mainland China. I am using all of the information I gather in person, or by way of other research methods so that I can structure my TEFL / TESOL / ESL / SALT Teacher Certification Courses in a way that will best prepare teachers who earn the certifications to teach and live in China.

HSA will also be providing in-person English as a Second or Additional Language training to Chinese students within the United States, and internationally through online channels. Having business relationships for the exchange of educational procedures, information, and teaching materials will enrich the educational experience of these students.

Business Exchange Summary

The 3 primary business and service exchanges shall be: A. – Customized teacher & student educational material in exchange for real time observation and assessment; B. – Exchanged access to educational texts unique to each country by way of direct handling and or summarized communications; and C. – Import / Export exchange of teaching accessories that are unique to each respective nation.

Business Exchange Details

A. HSA will compose, produce, and deliver original content for teachers and students in the form of custom, specialized textbooks, workbooks, notebooks, worksheets, presentation handouts, homework, and more. These materials will be provided to the LTC exclusively unless otherwise agreed upon.

The material provided for the teachers will be in the form of TEFL, TESOL, & ESL, etc.. Teacher Certification Coursework and Continuing Education Credits to support the ongoing improvement of teacher performance at the LTC.

The material provided for the students will be tailored to match the existing texts the LTC has in place such as Big English, Pockets, Smart Phonics, Wonders, etc., and any specialized material provided by HSA.

In exchange, the LTC will allow HSA to observe and monitor classes to assess and understand the interaction between teachers and students to best inform HSA as how to proceed in creating the previously mentioned educational materials. The information collected during these observations will also be used to create Teacher Certification programs for candidate / clients in the United States of America (USA) who wish to teach abroad, specifically those interested in teaching in China (PRC).

B. Because there are certain teaching texts and materials that are not readily or legally available to be sold in the USA, the LTC will grant HSA full access to these materials so that HSA can better understand the curriculum at the LTC in order to create the most compatible courses for current and future English Language Teachers and students.

In exchange, HSA will provide the LTC with “Cliffs Notes” style summaries and other Knowledge Reports about materials that are not readily available in The People’s Republic of China in order to better provide the LTCs students with a richer and unique learning experience that they would not otherwise obtain unless they were studying in the USA.

C. HSA will organize an import / export channel on behalf of both organizations for the exchange of various teaching accessories that are unique to their respective nations; may not be readily available; are not known of; or otherwise difficult to obtain but can be legally sold or otherwise exchanged between the PRC and the USA.

This is also to enrich the experience of HSA’s TEFL / TESOL / ESL teachers and students in the USA, as well as the LTC’s teachers and students in the PRC. These include (but are not limited to) items such as notebooks, pens, pencils, markers, art supplies, backpacks, branded goods, clothing (hats, jackets, t-shirts), etc..

* This document will be updated in future posts / publications when additional exchanges are included.