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Craig Spivek Comedian, Author, PodCaster: Hollywood Improv Drive Home

What is “Platonic Nudity”? Have you ever been to “Devil Country” and can comedy really save us all? Eavesdrop on Craig and Hakeem as they discuss comedy, books, podcasting, celebrities, the current sate of Southern California and more.

Craig Spivek is a Comedian, Author, PodCaster, and most importantly; my friend. He is one of the people that has a thicker skin, stronger back, or whatever other euphemism you can conjure to describe someone who persists – NO MATTER WHAT. – If you wat a FREE copy of one of his amazing books, you have to listen to the entire podcast to hear the SECRET CODE revealed within.

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Comedy Will Save Us All (Amazon)

Craig Spivek’s 4:59 PodCast

Hollywood Improv

Revisited are real-life encounters with various celebrities including: Rene Moran, Rene Cabrera, Dave Grohl, Charlize Theron, David Hasselhoff, Dominick Purcell, Vincent Calloway, Melissa Joan Hart, Kevin Green, Florence Henderson, John Kappas, Bill Bellamy, Parker Posie, Michael Clark Duncan, Paula Abdul, Michael Galante, Jose Canseco,

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