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(Flor and Hakeem) With more than 100,000 downloads and growing, the UniquilibriuM network of podcasts features content of various types from Healthy Living and Self Defense, money, fitness, politics, paranormal experiences and a whole lot more! Check out the >>> Press Pack <<<

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Allow the dynamic conversation that unfolds to represent YOUR viewpoint, cause, service, product, life story, news, innovations, discoveries, announcements, promotions and whatever you know or think audiences and listeners will find entertaining, educational, fun, and fascinating.

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Choose from one or more of the SIX shows to be featured on…

  1. KappaGuerra Martial Arts – Martial arts training based on kickboxing, wrestling, capoeira, and street-fighting. Learn how to use your body to defend, and counter-attack from any position you find yourself in by custom training to the best of your abilities.
  2. Exercising Your Mind – Wealth Attraction Research: Great Health Is The Truest Of All Wealth.
  3. SwordPaper – Blood, Blades & Serenades. (Adult Science-Fiction \ Fantasy) 警告 [WARNUNG] تحذير This sci-fi / fantasy / RPG audio content may at times be EXTREMELY VIOLENT and presents topics that may be VERY DISTURBING to some listeners. Listener discretion is HIGHLY advised.
  4. UniquilibriuM – [-e | -E] Access Reality Through Covert Hypnosis Management. An Hypnotic, Metaphysical Musing in Ee-Minus.
  5. Kommunikations – The Business of being human and making lots of money as a creative in a world of stiff and dry commercialism.
  6. The Other Party In Chic’s Beach – Chic’s Beach “News” From The People Who Naked. Darn Speech to Text! …From The People Who MAKE It.

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